March 14, 2010

The perfect Sunday

It's Sunday afternoon around 3pm and I'm basking in the sounds of every day life; a neighbours lawnmower outside, the washing machine gently swishing my towels, the Bozo muttering happily over his model tank and the Moo purring contentedly at my feet. Talk about your idyllic Sunday setting...all I need now is tea and cake.

Speaking of tea and cake; this morning my lovely Bozo and I went for a womble down the street to visit the local antiques emporium. I've been eyeing their pretty teapots and teacup trio's for a while now since my friend inspired me with her collection of Royal Doulton tea cups and saucers. So while I was there I decided it was high time I started my own collection. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the gorgeous stuff hiding away in the cabinets (time to start saving) but I did manage to pick up a really pretty set for a really reasonable price. Here are some pics (which I've taken with the awesome new skills Ive been learning in photography class at TAFE).

pretty bone china tea trio

I've also managed to get some knitting done in the last few days which has been incredibly therapeutic. I finished my handspun Gail that I've been working on for ages and I have started knitting a beanie for one of my TAFE classmates.

My handspun gail

Beanie for classmate

All things considered, I'd say this weekend has been pretty darn awesome.

March 8, 2010

News flash; Image heavy post causes readers eyes to bleed

I thought it was about time I updated again. I've been super busy with my TAFE studies the past couple of weeks. I had two assignments to hand in last week and one due tomorrow, which includes a presentation. I worked on it all day Saturday and most of Sunday and its finally ready.

On the craft front, in the last month Ive been buying fibre and yarn (as usual) and spinning a little. I also finished my angorino know, the ones I made from this fibre. They're wonderfully warm and super soft, here are a couple of pics of them all finished.

I purchased some more sock yarn, some of which I had dyed specifically for a project I want to work on. I also got some more of that gorgeous super angorino fibre from Ixchelbunny.

Super Angorino Fibre
'Unending Afterthought'.

Gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn
in 'opal blue'.

Lovely sock yarn from EGMTK
in shades of dark green.

I spun up the hopeful monsters fibre that I purchased and it has become a gorgeous sock yarn. It looks like this...

220m of gorgeous sock yarn
made by me :oD

I bought a huge amount of merino fibre and some angelina fibre from EGMTK. I've blended some of the angelina with some of the 'Maeve' colourway and spun it into singles. I'm plying it with a strand of pure silk. Pictures of the finished product next post ;oP

200g Merino - colourway 'Maeve'.

200g Merino - colourway 'thistle'

200g Merino - colourway 'mulled wine'

5g Angelina fibre - purple flash

5g Angelina fibre - calypso blue

I have also received my february fibre club installments. I was very lucky and managed to get an extra braid of the Ixchelbunny fibre club. Here they are...

EGMTK fibre club
150g Merino top
'Little speckled hen'

Ixchelbunny fibre club
200g Blue faced liecester,
angora bunny and Kid Mohair

Ixchelbunny Funky Bunny Batt Club
136g Angora, merino, silk, soy silk,
yak, kid mohair, Wensleydale, angelina, glitz and
american currency
'Sea Poet'

Outer side of the batt

Inside the batt

So as you can see, I've not neglected my fibre addiction while I'm busy studying. Or my yarn stash for that matter. I unfortunately havent had much time to knit but I guess thats a trade off I have to be prepared to make. More fibre coming soon. Lol.

March 1, 2010

Finally some time to spin

Hi again everyone, I finally found some time to get some spinning finished on the weekend so I think that means its time for another Oztion update. It's all handspun this time as TAFE has kept me so busy that I've hardly any time to knit.

Stonewash Rock God
2ply lace weight

Stonewash Rock God
2ply lace weight

Party with your harem pants on
2ply art yarn

Party with your harem pants on
2ply art yarn

Party with your harem pants on
2ply art yarn

Sponge Toffee Hangover
2ply sock yarn

That's it for this update. Hope you like my yarns :oD