November 28, 2011

A new identity and a new passion

I've been thinking about stepping away from the Evil McWeevil thing for a while now but hadnt decided what I would change it to.  This last week since I've taken up weaving I've really gone on a journey of self discovery in relation to my crafts.  I decided to have a go at Saori weaving.  This has led me to the new blog name and identity.  I guess there's a story in this...

Saori weaving, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is a free-form style of weaving that is essentially an exercise in self expression.  It's very meditative and if you work intuitively, which I think is the whole point, each row of weaving is a journey of self discovery.  I've only been working on my first Saori piece for a couple of days.  Its much slower going than the more traditional style of weaving which is quite static and regimented. But the journey I've taken so far has helped me to consciously realise something that I have always known, but till now, not acknowledged.  All of my craft, everything I create (and I guess this is true for all crafters) is an expression of who I am at my deepest level.  A small piece of me goes into every single thing that I put my hands to.  I craft my soul.  Hence the new blog name.

Now that I've discovered the new blog identity I am considering merging my two blogs together, because, lets face it, its much easier to maintain one than two.  I'm not going to do this quickly, I'll allow people to adjust to the idea and also I'll give people a chance to have an opinion about it over on FB.  Come and let me know if you're for or against :oD

Photos of my Saori progress....

The warp.  I made it about 2 metres long.
The first few tentative rows.

Adding colour and texture,
slowly becoming more adventurous.

Going all out now.  That's un-spun silk hankies going in there.

November 24, 2011

Weaving Jag? Me? Ok...yes.

Since I received my new loom a few days ago I have been weaving like a machine.  I have completed four projects on it since my practice piece and am still having a blast.  The best part is, I'm using up great big chunks of my handspun stash which of course makes room for more so I can now spin some of my fibre stash, once again, making room for more. It's all very cyclical and happy making :oD  

Gratuitous photo shoot....

My first project all finished.  It measures 3m x 17 inches.
Wrap? I don't think so.  Table runner anyone? lol

A short (child sized) scarf made from
merino/milk.  Delicious yarn.

A long scarf (6ft) made from Merino/Seacell
and Angorino

This is just so awesome I cannot describe how
happy it makes me.  This thick and thin yarn is
the reason I bought a loom in the first place.

So yes. As you can see, I'm on a bit of a jag.  The last piece shown (thick and thin) is going to be a cowl.  I have enough of the same yarn left to make a shrug.  If you like any of this stuff, you may want to watch my etsy shop just after the New Year ;o)

November 19, 2011

Because what I really needed was another hobby

Well I managed to resist for two years but I've finally caved in and gone to the really dark side. I've bought a loom. A 50cm (20in) Ashford knitters loom (complete with carry bag - yay!) arrived in the mail yesterday morning and I've already warped it twice and am already planning to buy more shuttles and reeds, plus my mind is leaping several projects ahead. It's fast. Much faster than knitting. Best of all, its great for stash busting so I'm finally using up yarns that I've been sitting on for the whole two years that I've been spinning. I. Love. This.


Fresh out of the box and not even set up yet :oD

My first warp.  Not as tedious as I'd expected.

First few rows and going terribly but having a blast.

My practice piece all finished.  You can see at the right
hand end of the piece where I started getting the beating
tension right...finally.  LOL

Some handspun I made back in my early spinning days
that I've been holding for the perfect project.
Black: Merino/Silk/Angelina (60/45/5)
Blue: Funky Bunny Batt/Merino (50/50)

My second warp.  This is a big one O.o

First few inches of my second weave attempt.  Got the tension
right this time and my edges are actually quite even :oD

I am  having so much fun with this.  Its so good to be finally using these gorgeous yarns that I've been itching to use for so long. There is so much bling in my wrap that its going to shimmer with every movement when I wear it.  I wish the photos did it justice.  Stay tuned people, I'm sure there is going to be lots more weaving in my immediate future :oD