September 21, 2010

Another total revamp...and some buttons :oD

I've decided to take ALL my selling items back to Oztion as its hard to track interest on here and on Oztion I can see how many people are clicking on my listings.  I find it useful to keep an eye on this kind of thing.  So as I update (or upload listings) I'll place links on this page so that interested parties can take a look

Onto the buttons...

About 18mths ago I bought some polymer clay and made some rather chunky funky buttons.  I was going to sell them but kind of didnt get around to it.  Yesterday I was digging through my stash of creative junk (as you do when you're a crafter) and came across my polymer clay supplies.  Now I know there are a few lovelies out there who are also making buttons but I dont want any of you to stress too much as I can guarantee mine will be quite different from yours.  See?  Plenty of room in the market place for more button makers. ;o)

Here's what I've been making...

Funky Zebra patterned buttons.  Two sizes even!  Check 'em quick, the clicking has commenced.

Multi coloured buttons made with fimo canes.  I have a couple of sets of these available.

My personal faves!  Glow in the dark skull buttons.  WOOT!

These ones is purdy!  Well I think Only one set of these babies.  Be quick if you dont want to miss out.

Some funky abstract patterns made using canes again.  Two sets of 5 buttons available.

You can find all these and more here.

Yes, you have to join Oztion to buy, but dont stress because membership is free.  Only sellers pay fees. Join up by clicking the button below.

September 16, 2010

My new fascination

I have an assignment for TAFE that is generally expected to take the rest of the term.  Short version: I have to design and make a product (or two) which will be sold at an end of year market called Art Bazzar.  

I have a few ideas going on but only one that I've actually even started my prototype for.  Now there are a lot of these funky lil fellas around the place, but none of them were made using my very own special template that I designed just a day or so ago (and am still refining).  And none of them were made by ME.  Anyhoo, here is my prototype.  Its not quite finished; it needs a lot more embellishment but I think its coming along quite nicely, even if I do say so myself ;o)

Obviously its a miniature top hat, which I intend to attach to a hairband, comb or elastic in order for it to be worn as a fascinator for fancy dress applications. The hat measures about 3 and a half inches from crown to brim and the brim is 5 and a half inches wide. 

I've already adapted my template somewhat and have made a second one, which hasn't been embellished at all yet.

Ain't they cute? ;o)

September 9, 2010

Quick update

I've just started the border on my cap shawl. Here she is all laid out on my queen size bed just before I started the border (just so you feel like you got to actually see something happening :oP).

I'm knitting a shrug from handspun for a friend.  Here is a pic :oD