September 16, 2010

My new fascination

I have an assignment for TAFE that is generally expected to take the rest of the term.  Short version: I have to design and make a product (or two) which will be sold at an end of year market called Art Bazzar.  

I have a few ideas going on but only one that I've actually even started my prototype for.  Now there are a lot of these funky lil fellas around the place, but none of them were made using my very own special template that I designed just a day or so ago (and am still refining).  And none of them were made by ME.  Anyhoo, here is my prototype.  Its not quite finished; it needs a lot more embellishment but I think its coming along quite nicely, even if I do say so myself ;o)

Obviously its a miniature top hat, which I intend to attach to a hairband, comb or elastic in order for it to be worn as a fascinator for fancy dress applications. The hat measures about 3 and a half inches from crown to brim and the brim is 5 and a half inches wide. 

I've already adapted my template somewhat and have made a second one, which hasn't been embellished at all yet.

Ain't they cute? ;o)

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