August 30, 2009

My life in lace

Now that I have my dental and health issues more or less under control I thought it was time I got busy working on some of my yarn projects that I've admittedly, been neglecting for a little while.

I've finally bitten the bullet and started on my first lace project (after sadly frogging the first 'first' attempt). Its the Victoria Shawl (Ravelry link) from Victorian Lace Today (VLT). I 'm liking how its knitting up, even though I stupidly didn't read the chart key properly and have knit it in stocking stitch instead of garter stitch. Its wonderfully soft and the yarn is SOOOOO fine that the finished piece will be incredibly delicate. However the pattern is kind of repetitive and I'm getting a teensy bit bored with it.

Solution; I simultaneously started my SECOND lace project as well. Its the Cap Shawl (Ravelry link), also from VLT. I have been itching to start this shawl for ages because its absolutely gorgeous and, shock, horror, I'm knitting it for ME. For this project I'm using my superbly yummy Mongolian Cashmere that I got a while ago and have been too chicken to use till now. I have to say, this yarn is just to die for. It has a marvelously springy quality and is possibly the softest thing I've ever felt in my life. If you want to buy some (c'mon you know you do) go to Knitters Addiction.

As is my wont, I am also working on a THIRD lace project (I know, I know), but this one is crochet. I'm making a lovely crochet poncho out of a fabulously fluffy yarn from Moda Vera and its coming along nicely too. You can find the pattern for this here. I'm planning on replacing the buttons with some ribbon.

August 20, 2009


OMG, has it really been almost a month? Well, what can I say .... I AM Evil.

I FINALLY finished that darned poncho. Here is a pic...

The woman I made it for loved it and was more than happy to shell over her hard earned dosh for my efforts. ALSO, I wrote down the pattern as I went along, so now I have it all ready to be put into a pdf which I may even consider posting here for a free pattern download if I get enough interest.

Made a crochet shawl over the last three days.

Admittedly it took me about a day and a half longer than it should have, but I had a very painful tooth extraction yesterday and have been sleeping quite a bit to deal with the pain in my jaw. The shawl looks great though and I'm sure someone will want to pay me a goodly sum for it (tee hee).

I went out on a limb and purchased two of the books I've been lusting over from an absolutely AWESOME Aussie book site called Fishpond. The books are; Victorian Lace Today and Knitted Lace of Estonia. Both books are just gorgeous and I have decided that I want to knit almost every pattern in VLT.

The Moo sliced open one of his toe pads a few days ago, although I have no idea how. I have been keeping him inside for the last two days to ensure that its kept clean and doesnt become infected. Unfortunately this means hes inconsolable because he cant go outside and keeps wandering around howling as if someone is cutting his throat. Blardy drama queen. He's okay though, and his toe is looking good enough that I'm planning to let him out tomorrow.

Back to the knitting!