March 27, 2011

I can has update?

I've been working on a few different things over the last couple of weeks.  I had a knitting order for three scarves, two of which are already finished.  The third scarf is being knit in a simple lace pattern that I should be able to work with half my brain tied behind my back but for some reason it's kicking my butt :o/  I will, however, get it done.  Soon.

I had started a very lightweight shawl a while back which is currently kind of in hibernation.  I just got around to taking a progress photo of it.  Its made from some smooshily soft camel/bunny/silk (about 40% silk which accounts for the shine). There was only 50g of fibre, but because of the high percentage of silk there's a whopping 363m of  lace weight yarn here.  More than enough for the shawl I'm making.

Camel Bunny Silk - 50g - 363m

Pattern: Fallen Leaf Frilled Triangular Scarflette
I started a pair of cashmere beaded gloves a while back and have finally managed to actually finish the first glove.  The other will have to wait till I've gotten a couple of other things finished.

Pattern: Eisblume

 I've also been spinning a bit.  I seem to be working mainly with IxCHeL fibres recently.  Not intentional but there you have it. There is one EGMTK fibre in there...all by its lonesome.

Gallifrey - Merino/Angora/Tencel
70/10/20 (Twinklebunny)

Give Peace a Chance - Ixchelbunny - Funky Bunny Batt
(Angora, merino, yak, alpaca, silk, soy quiviut, angelina, glitz)
Skein 1: 82g, 9WPI, 174m
Skein 2; 64g, 9WPI, 145.5m
Paint Splattered Overalls
EGMTK Merino/Carbonised Bamboo
1 Skein: 109g, 11WPI, 205m

Early Bird - BFL/Bunny
N-plied for a self striping sock weight yarn.
1 Skein: 100g, 14WPI, 295.5m