March 5, 2012

Time for a catch up

I've been busy busy busy lately.  I've been working on some new concepts for my store. Some of which are ready to go and some that still need a little tweaking.  I have a million and one things going on here all at once.  But I'm still managing to find a little spinning time. Priorities people ;o)

I recently designed a terrified looking little bunneh which has suction cups on his hands so he can be attached to your window.  I've called them 'Panicky Passengers' because they look so scared that they should go in the back of my your car. I need to take some better photos of them but atm I dont have a good space for that so here's what I've got.

These guys will go in the store after they've made the trip to Sydney with me in April.  If there are any left.  If there aren't, don't fret, there will be more.  Lots more.

I've been spinning up some huge 200g quantities of yarn.  Generally I just take two 100g braids, spin them and then ply them together.  Obviously this has meant that I've had to acquire a jumbo ball winder so I grabbed one from the most awesome Mandie over at Ewe Give Me The Knits.  As always, brilliant service and a great product.  Here's some of the yarn I've been making...  

My new Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder
Isnt it awesome?

And finally, I've been having a go at super coils.  I tried these once before and didnt quite get them right.  Here is my second attempt.  Followed by my third attempt.

I think I have got them right but while making these I realised I just didn't enjoy the process.  Oh well.  I think I'll use the first lot (150m in total from 512g of fibre O.O) to make a big smooshy cowl.  The second lot is enough for a hat band.  Maybe.

There are obviously lots and lots of other things I've been doing but I haven't got anything at a stage where I'm ready to take photos so I'm afraid they'll have to wait for another post.  Thanks for stopping by for a quick catch up.  See you next time :oD