November 19, 2011

Because what I really needed was another hobby

Well I managed to resist for two years but I've finally caved in and gone to the really dark side. I've bought a loom. A 50cm (20in) Ashford knitters loom (complete with carry bag - yay!) arrived in the mail yesterday morning and I've already warped it twice and am already planning to buy more shuttles and reeds, plus my mind is leaping several projects ahead. It's fast. Much faster than knitting. Best of all, its great for stash busting so I'm finally using up yarns that I've been sitting on for the whole two years that I've been spinning. I. Love. This.


Fresh out of the box and not even set up yet :oD

My first warp.  Not as tedious as I'd expected.

First few rows and going terribly but having a blast.

My practice piece all finished.  You can see at the right
hand end of the piece where I started getting the beating
tension right...finally.  LOL

Some handspun I made back in my early spinning days
that I've been holding for the perfect project.
Black: Merino/Silk/Angelina (60/45/5)
Blue: Funky Bunny Batt/Merino (50/50)

My second warp.  This is a big one O.o

First few inches of my second weave attempt.  Got the tension
right this time and my edges are actually quite even :oD

I am  having so much fun with this.  Its so good to be finally using these gorgeous yarns that I've been itching to use for so long. There is so much bling in my wrap that its going to shimmer with every movement when I wear it.  I wish the photos did it justice.  Stay tuned people, I'm sure there is going to be lots more weaving in my immediate future :oD

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