November 24, 2011

Weaving Jag? Me? Ok...yes.

Since I received my new loom a few days ago I have been weaving like a machine.  I have completed four projects on it since my practice piece and am still having a blast.  The best part is, I'm using up great big chunks of my handspun stash which of course makes room for more so I can now spin some of my fibre stash, once again, making room for more. It's all very cyclical and happy making :oD  

Gratuitous photo shoot....

My first project all finished.  It measures 3m x 17 inches.
Wrap? I don't think so.  Table runner anyone? lol

A short (child sized) scarf made from
merino/milk.  Delicious yarn.

A long scarf (6ft) made from Merino/Seacell
and Angorino

This is just so awesome I cannot describe how
happy it makes me.  This thick and thin yarn is
the reason I bought a loom in the first place.

So yes. As you can see, I'm on a bit of a jag.  The last piece shown (thick and thin) is going to be a cowl.  I have enough of the same yarn left to make a shrug.  If you like any of this stuff, you may want to watch my etsy shop just after the New Year ;o)

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