February 20, 2011

The shrug and the needlecase

Some of you may recall that in my last January post I briefly alluded to a shrug I was knitting for a lady in Victoria.  Well said shrug is finished AND delivered.  I even have photos of the recipient wearing it.  I had quite the adventure knitting it and in the end it turned out rather nicely.  Here...see for yourself...
Here are some pics of it after I'd blocked it.  I'd just taken delivery of 100 T-pins that day and this was my first opportunity to actually use them.  They work very well - purchase justified! ;o)

I added beads to the edging of the entire shrug, including the sleeves.  The pattern actually calls for the sleeves to be left without edging but to me this looked un-finished some how so I added the same edging pattern (yes including the beads) to the bottom of the sleeves too.  And I'm glad I did, it looks much better this way imho.
The extra little bit I added to the sleeves
The entire shrug ended up using roughly 300m of yarn and there was almost 700m of yarn left over which, of course, I sent back with the shrug.  I wonder what she'll end up making with it.

The happy recipient

Not forgetting that this whole adventure was part of a swap.  In return for the shrug I received an awesome needle case especially made for my interchangeable needles.  I love it, its totally awesome and its great to have some of my needles actually organised so that I can find them.  Here is a small pic of it and you can see more pics here.

Since both customers are happy with their parcels I'd say this was sucessful swap.


  1. a work of art !!!! that lace shrug you made is an heirloom piece ! Awesome!

  2. Thanks honey. The best part was how happy the recipient was when she got it. Nothing validates one quite as well as gratitude. :oD