September 18, 2009

Another lace update

I have started my friends birthday cape at least four times so far and each time I've made a mistake. Normally this wouldnt be too much of an issue because I can usually spot it and pick back down to it on a few stitches and fix the error. Unfortunately this pattern is a bit more complex than it looks at first glance so its difficult to figure out where mistakes are and even harder to imagine fixing them in my usual manner. Sooooo, its still sitting in the bag where I threw it in disgust the last time I messed it up and I really HAVE to get back to it soon because my friends birthday is in November and I really want to have it finished for her.

Since I threw the cape aside Ive been working rather diligently on my Victoria Shawl project and am pleased to be able to say that I'm exactly half way through the body of the shawl.

I have been a bit worried the last couple of weeks that it might not come out as big as the pattern says because I'm knitting it on 3mm needles and the pattern calls for 4.5mm. But now that I'm halfway I decided to dry block it and have a look-see and I'm no longer overly concerned. The border on this sucker is HUGE and to be honest looks like a wee bit of a challenge but I'm still majorly keen to get the shawl finished and I'm pretty sure it'll be fairly close to the measurements stated in the book.

Half a Victoria Shawl dry blocked

Extreme close up

Tomorrow I head up to the local TAFE to talk to some teachers about my suitability for a course I'm interested in doing next year so I wont have heaps of time to knit but I hope to spend a good part of Sunday knitting either the Victoria Shawl or re-starting my friends birthday cape. Wish me luck ;o)

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