October 1, 2009

Churning through the WIPs

I finished a project today. Its a crochet lace poncho that I found ages ago and hadn't gotten around to making. The pattern is free, you can find it on the Drops yarn website. I made it from Moda Vera Believe, an all natural fibre yarn from Spotlight which comprises of 49% wool, 30% soya and 21% mohair. Its incredibly soft and warm but the pattern is lacy enough that I think it would be suitable for a cool spring/summer evening as well as a mild winters day.

The pattern suggests buttons to fasten the opening of the poncho but I've decided to lace it up corset style with a wide satin ribbon. It's shown here with a shawl pin holding it closed as I haven't bought the ribbon yet.

Also I've been working on my friends birthday cape which is coming along beautifully. The baby alpaca yarn is knitting up so soft and silky, I think I'm going to have to buy a whole lot more of it for future projects.

I have finished charting an image for a baby's pram/cot blanket that a friend of mine asked me to make for her and I have to say it was a huge job and gave me quite a headache. Now that its finished though I'm keen to get it started as I havent knitted intarsia for a couple of years and I'm quite looking forward to it. No photo available of the chart unfortunately but I have an artists rendition of the original concept sketch for the design that I threw together and I'm prepared to show it to people. Please keep in mind that its a copyrighted image/design and all the usual rules apply; this means you may not reproduce it in any form without my express written permission.


  1. nyaw! I know some people that would LOVE that image!

  2. You know, being involved in derby myself (however much of a fringe dweller I may be) I can understand that totally. I havent had time to actually knit this but I'm thinking about turning the charts and pic into a downloadable pdf so that other intarsia knitters out there can make it themselves.