October 4, 2009

Yucca Yucca Yucca

I started a new project on October 2nd. Its a lace shawl called Aeolian which you can find the free pattern for by following this link.

When I first saw this pattern I fell in love with it but I thought it would be a bit beyond my skill level because the charts looked very confusing, but now that I'm actually knitting it, it has turned out to be almost too easy. At least so far. The edge charts are the confusing ones so I'll let you know how I feel about them when I start them.

Aeolian Shawl; set up chart & 1 yucca chart

Aeolian Shawl: 6 yucca charts complete

The Aeolian is absolutely gorgeous when finished. I know this because I have been looking at all the completed shawls by the multitude of talented knitters on Ravelry. If you're a knitter and you're not a member you need to sign up right away.

The pattern calls for beads throughout the shawl but I'm knitting it from a four ply cotton that I think is too thick to bother beading. The cotton is showing beautiful stitch definition though so I think it will still be gorgeous when its finished.

I'm loving the pattern so much that I'm already planning my next one, which I intend to knit from my mongonlian cashmere (shown in picture below). Yesterday I went out and purchased just over 2000 beads so I can knit it when this one is finished. The beads are clear Czechoslovakian silverlined crystal seed beads. I bought them from Katie's Treasures for a very reasonable price.

Czech Silverlined Crystal
Size 8 seed bead

Bead on .75mm crochet hook

Tiny sample of knitting yarn with beads

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  1. Now that is mighty pretty!!
    Look forward to seeing the finished cotton and cashmere shawls.
    Knit hard lovely lady!