November 22, 2009

Birthing the birthday cape

I finally finished the Birthday Cape! Not only that, but I actually finished it on time for my friend to wear it out to the theatre this weekend. I hated that cape towards the end and the last two days worth of knitting were a monumental effort, finishing it almost felt like giving birth. When I finished blocking it out on my bed I was almost overwhelmed with the swift cycle of emotions that I went through just looking at it. I was awestruck by it (look at the pic below, you'll understand why), filled with a sense of achievement, completely drained/exhausted by the effort of getting it done on time and of course, relieved that I was finally finished and could now work on other things.

So the birthday girl swung by after she finished TAFE and happily; she LOVED it! Which is of course very gratifying considering the time and effort that went into making it. Also the surprise shawl pin to go with it was met with excitement and joy. All in all I'm calling this a major WIN.

Now that I'm finally finished with that I am working on other stuff that I started a while ago. I'm also working on my spinning technique. I found this awesome blog post that gave me heaps of great tips on spinning really fine yarns and a lovely lady on Ravelry has given me some awesome advice as well, so I'm well on my way to making real lace weight yarn. Here is a pic of my attempt at using the laced flyer technique. My result is quite a bit thinner than my first attempt at spinning without the laced flyer technique (the blue).

I ordered some more fibre from Ewe Give Me The Knits last week and am eagerly waiting its arrival so I can get spinning. If you love fibre you seriously need to check out the stuff on that site. Their prices are awesome and the fibre is just delish.

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