January 27, 2010

Its all about the pot

A few days ago while I was out and about I stumbled across a copy of Loani Priors Wild Tea Cosies. Now, I've never knit tea cosies before, but I've stalked Loani's blog from time to time and been charmed by some of the delightfully whimsical designs that she produces. So of course, I bought the book; then rushed home to start building my very first tea cosy.

I received a gorgeous Japanese tea set for Christmas that included a lovely teapot but realised immediately that it wouldn't fit either the size or the design of the cosy I was knitting. So, on Monday morning, I had to rush out to buy myself a traditional type of tea pot. Ergo; the creation of the pot monster. It's Wednesday now and I have collected five more tea pots and last night I finished knitting the lovely 'Rosie Posy' tea cosy from the book.

The beast that started it all
Japanese Tea Set

Pretty Pink Pot

Japanese Influence Pot

Fantastic Earthenware Pot


Country Cottage Pot

Evil Posy Tea Cosy

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