February 20, 2010

Suddenly hectic

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to blog or spin or even knit that much. Why? Because I have gone back to full time study. I am learning all kinds of interesting things; like how to use my camera properly for one. This is exciting to me because I hope to one day be able to take REALLY good photos with my new found knowledge. Here are some of pics I took during my photography class last week.

(c) Scolley 2010

(c) Scolley 2010

Yep, I even take my knitting to class
(c) Scolley 2010

Being a full time student might have slowed down my spinning but it sure hasnt stopped me spending my dosh. I recently purchased some equipment I've been needing for quite some time; a niddy noddy, a yarn winder and a maintenance kit for my wheel. I have also been buying fibre like its going out of fashion.

I took delivery of some lovely mulberry silk top which I then proceded to dye a pretty variegated blue/purple/pink/white colour. I still have 112g of this silk undyed and waiting to be transformed into something incredibly vibrant. As part of the same order I also got some cool pale yellow thread that I'm thinking will ply really nicely with some of the other fibre I have in my stash.

The 104g of mulberry silk that I have dyed
using food colouring...braided and ready to spin

Still waiting to be dyed

Mellow Yellow thread from EGMTK

I purchased some very pretty BFL/angora bunny/silk braids from the delightful Ixchelbunny, and next week I am expecting the delivery of three fibre clubs. I love fibre club week...its all very exciting.

200g of Hopeful Monsters

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