December 13, 2010


Back when I first started learning how to knit lace I purchased some GORGEOUS mongolian cashmere yarn from Knitters Addiction.  I bought two 100g balls of laceweight in persian blue.  I bought the yarn knowing I would make lace from it.  And then when I purchased Victorian Lace Today (you can see a great review and some pics from the book here) by Jane Sowerby I found what I thought was the perfect pattern for it.  The Cap Shawl.

I did start the shawl way back when I first bought the book back in August last year, but unfortunately my first attempt ended in disaster.  The second time I started the shawl, it just didnt feel right from the moment I cast on.  The cast on was too loose, the stitches were waaaaaay too big and I decided I'd used a needle that was just too big for my tension so I frogged it again and didnt even lodge it as an event in my mind.  I was, however determined to make this shawl, so, in May this year (a year and a half since I purchased the yarn)  I cast on a third time.  And I actually finished it.  Finally. About a week ago.  YAY!

I attempted blocking it on Saturday but my blocking matts (an area of 192 x 128m) was just no where near big enough to stretch it out fully.  I took a pic anyway, because I knew everyone would want to see it, and because it looked purdy laying there and then just let it dry as it was without pinning it out.  I'll obviously have to purchase some more blocking matts (lots more apparently) so that I can block it properly and get a really good pic of it.  But in the mean she is.

Cap Shawl


  1. Thankyou :oD It was well worth the effort and the time it took to make it.