December 7, 2010

Please Mr Paramedic, dont accidentally kill me.

My experience in May this year alerted me to a previously undiagnosed allergy called anaphylaxis that I now have.  My allergy is to one component of the general anaesthetic most hospitals use to induce the state of unconsciousness required for surgery and to the antiseptic solution they swab your skin with when they're about to shove a needle into you.  The allergy I have is  the most dangerous type of anaphylaxis (of course...aren't I lucky?); the type that takes your blood pressure drop somewhere beyond terrifyingly low and has all the hospital staff wetting their panties 'cos they don't want to do the paperwork that confirms that they've accidentally killed you...permanently.  

Finding out about this allergy was a complete surprise to both me and the hospital staff but, luckily, I survived the experience and went on my merry way with the instructions to get myself a medic alert bracelet so I wouldn't have the same reaction again.  

So after my recovery, I ordered a medic alert medallion as instructed and I have been intending to build it into some kind of bracelet ever since I ordered it.  The beads for it that I ordered a little while ago arrived this morning and so this afternoon I finally got it built.  Here ' potentially life saving piece of beady goodness.

You too can have one of these fake pandora style, el cheapo looking, life saving, bead bracelets for only $60 (which is what it cost me to make the darn thing) :oS

I thought I should add that this bracelet only cost me so much because the medic alert medallion was over $35 plus postage, add to that $20 worth of beads and charms, plus postage and then the leather cord and little silver clamps and you can now understand why it cost me so much

I'm looking into making some pandora style bracelets with the metal snake chain style bracelet, which I'm sure will cost less to make than this monstrosity did.  If anyone is interested let me know and I'll make my research a bit more serious.


  1. now THAT is th emost gorgeous "please do not kil me by accident"bracelet I have ever seen! LOVE IT!!!! droooooooooooool ;-))