April 11, 2011


On Tuesday 5th of April I had to have my beloved cat put to sleep.  Moo was three years old and was the most devoted, loving pet I've ever had. 

Unfortunately he recently developed lumps in both sides of his abdomen that very quickly grew to the size of tennis balls.  He also had a tendency to be wobbly in his back end which recently became so pronounced that he was unable to take two steps without falling over.  Of course these things worried me so I took him to the vet and was informed that it was most likely that he had cancer in his spine and that the lumps were either cancer or a kidney issue caused by leukemia.  The vet said there was no way she'd be able to remove the lumps or the cancer and that it would be best to have him euthanised before he started experiencing terrible pain which in her opinion would be within days.  So, I made the decision to let him go before his illness would become so bad that it was all I remembered of him.  I cannot begin to tell you how saddened I am to lose my beloved Moo but am glad that I have fond memories of his ratbag antics.

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