May 11, 2011

More stabby stabby

Trying needle felting has led me to a new obsession.  Miniatures.  I had progress pics of my first attempt at a miniature on my last post but now that my tiny teddy is finished I'm keen to try lots of other types of critters.  He was finished that same day and turned out cute enough that I wanted to start another right away.  Here he is all finished.

Yesterday morning I started a new mini bear.  But as I worked on his head I discovered that this fibre didn't want to be a bear. It wanted to be a bunny.  So Neville the blue bunny was born.  I finished him today just before lunch.

He has glass bead eyes and is thread jointed.  He stands 10cm tall (not including the ears) and is able to stand by himself. I have yet to accessorise him but he wears a cute shocked expression on his sideways glancing face.  I'm really pleased with how he's turned out.  

You can see from the pictures of the mini teddy and Neville that my second attempt is about a gazillion times better than my first. I plan to buy this book at my first opportunity so I can actually find out if I'm doing this right.  Then soon after that (hopefully) I plan to start selling my OOAK miniature felted critters.  I just have to figure out what I'm going to charge for them.


  1. Absolutely ADORE your felt cutie babies :-) Neville is such an amazing work of art! love love love! I am so happy with him !
    hugs Charly

  2. Thanks Charly. I really enjoyed making Neville and I'm so glad he's with you there in the valley. xo