June 2, 2011

What's in a name & Bastards Incorporated.

Things have been fairly relaxed here of late which has allowed me lots of crafting time.  I have just finished knitting a pair of incredibly warm gloves for the fast approaching winter.

Pattern: Knotty by Julia Muelle
see more photos here

I've made another felted critter; this time a little purple girl bunny.  She's not quite finished as I want to make some little accessories to go with her but she will be the first felted critter I list for sale.  I'll be developing a new website/blog just for my little felties and as soon as I make a decision about what to call it, I'll put a link up so that readers can take a look.  If you have any suggestions regarding what I should call my new site, please feel free to let me know :oD

I've been spinning a fair bit too and have finished a skein of pure black and a skein of rainbow coloured yarn which I plan to use to make a pair of stranded gloves.  I wont start those for a little while because I have other commitments just now.

Sad news; my favourite bunny lady lost most of her flock on the 31st of May to Calici.  She has lost all but two of her stud-males and at last count; a total of eight of her beloved fur babies have died from a disease that was deliberately introduced by the Australian government (who I like to refer to as Bastards Inc.) to cull wild rabbits.  Seven years of selective breeding gone in one afternoon.  It boggles the mind.  Worse yet; there is minimal vaccination available for pet rabbits in this country, another bright decision made without considering that there are pet owners out there who might suffer from it.  Never mind that for someone like Charly, this will also affect her livelihood in a truly devastating way.   

Its often so hard to find the right words to give comfort at a time like this so I decided to let my actions speak for me.  I have started spinning up a huge chunk of my sadly minimal stash that I've purchased or won from her and I will donate it back to her so she can sell it at the Bendigo Wool Show in order to raise money for the bunny recovery fund. I only hope that my contribution helps Charly to recover from the financial hit in some small way.


  1. Dear Shevi, I am so so humbled by your gesture I don;t know what to say !!!! apart from you are an amazing loving person,but then again everybody already knows that!!!
    12 bunnies left so far, 65% lost bunny souls :(

  2. Charly, it's the very least I can do...after all, I know if our situations were reversed you'd do exactly the same for me. 65% - what a horrifying loss. I'm there in spirit honey. xo