June 23, 2011

Pass me a pillow

I've been caught up in lots of different things lately.   No different from usual I guess.  It was my birthday yesterday, not much of a big deal there but I seem a bit tired for some reason, maybe I'm getting old :oP 

Here's what I've been up to...

I have a cape that I'm supposed to be knitting for a friend but haven't stumbled upon the right idea for that yet, but at least I have the yarn.

I have a lovely lace shawl that I'm making for myself that I have been working on sporadically.  

I've been doing a bit of spinning and collecting some purdy fibres.

I made a groovy superhero drawing in illustrator to cheer up my friend Charly who has lost most of her fur-babies recently.  

And in the last few days I've been painting and drawing up a storm.  You can see the results of that here. :oD

Jeez, I've been wonder I'm so pooped :oP

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