June 9, 2012

Dont Panic...

Just a quick update today.

A lot has been happening in the last few weeks.  I had a sudden unexpected change to certain living arrangements and had to look for a place to live at the same time as having to move some more of my stuff into storage which meant obtaining a larger storage space than the one that I already had.  That was a particularly busy weekend. I had forgotten just how much stuff I had. O.o

I have been frantically looking at rentals and have to say that in the year and a half since I had my last rental, prices have gone way way up and quality has come way way down.  Due to owning huge furniture I had to be a wee bit picky about what I could take so its been a bit frustrating to find that most of the places on the market wouldn't fit my couch let alone the rest of my stuff.  

I finally found a half house that is both big enough (more or less) and that I can afford (just) and have arranged to sign the lease on the 12th of June.  I cant wait.  Everything I own has been in a paid storage facility for a  year and a half and I'm pretty certain that unpacking is going to feel a little bit like Christmas as I've forgotten half of what I have in the multitude of boxes.  I have had an overwhelming urge to nest in the last couple of months and knowing that I'm three days away from actually being able to begin nesting is a  heady feeling.

I have had to put a hold on all the crafting for a little bit while I get things sorted and hope that I'll manage to unpack fairly quickly once I get everything into my new place.  I want to have an update ready for the web store by the end of June so will be trying to organise a photo shoot with my lovely volunteer models.  In amongst all of this I will be having my birthday which will most likely slip past quietly without me having time to even notice.  ;o)

I've never considered birthdays to be a very big deal, but I would like to point out that this year is the big one.  I'll be 42.  Which anyone out there who has read Douglas Adams will know; is the answer.  So I'm thinking I need to buy a teeshirt with the words 'mostly harmless' and the number 42 on it.  If you've never read any Douglas Adams, you will have no idea what I'm talking about and should completely disregard this paragraph ;o)

Anyhoo, I'm off to get more sorting/packing/organising done. Until next time...dont forget to keep your towel handy.

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