April 28, 2012


I have spoken a lot about the crafts that I do but I haven't really gotten around to mentioning that I also love to do a bit of painting and drawing.  I began drawing at an early age.  I won my first art competition at the age of 5.  I remember quite clearly that I won a book about pandas.  I loved that book.  I have no idea where it is now but I still remember it fondly.  I think that book might have been the thing that sparked my fascination with Japan and Japanese culture.  But that's a whole other blog post right there ;o)

I was very into art in school.  In high school I entered an inter-school competition and won 2nd prize for my painting of a tiger.  I don't have that painting anymore but I wish I did.  After I left school I moved away from art and started studying computer stuff so that I could get a good job.  But I kept dabbling with my paints in the background.  In 2000 I did a short course run by my local (at the time) gallery called 'watercolour for beginners'.  I. LOVED.IT.  I did some more painting and drawing stuff when I went to TAFE to study design in my early 30's.  Then I went to university to do a science degree and the art once again went on the shelf.

Lately I have been thinking about my art.  I love the crafts, don't get me wrong, but nothing feels like creating something with a brush or pencil.  I REALLY miss painting.  I have so many ideas for things I'd like to paint.  Sadly, I don't have any room where I am to set up my easel (what? Of COURSE I own an easel :oP).  But it has got me thinking about where I want my life to go in the next few years. 

Yes, I'll always do the craft thing and hopefully I will keep developing my ideas there. But I have BIG plans for my soft sculptures.  Big BIG plans.  Sadly, I just don't have any training in sculpture and I'd really like to take some time to dust off my painting and drawing skills (and maybe develop some new ones along the way).  Sooooo...I've decided to go back to university.  Part time if I can.  I'm going to apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Newcastle for the beginning of next year.  This means I'll get to learn some new painting techniques but it also means that I can take some directed courses in soft sculpture. Now that's something to get excited about :oD

Here are some photos of work I've done in the past for you to enjoy.  Please remember that these are all original artworks of mine and as such they are protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws.  Please don't reproduce them ANYWHERE.  You can link to them but please dont steal my work.  Thanks.

Above are three charcoal nudes that I did in 2001.  I had never used charcoal before this and I loved it.  I really love the charcoal nude.  There is an elegance to it that you don't find in nudes done with other mediums.

These are the watercolours I did during my beginners course.  They are in order from first to last.  I had never had a proper lesson in painting before this and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for stopping by to see whats happening.  I'll be back soon. :oD


  1. Lovely work. You are a clever chap, aren't you!

  2. Thank you lovely :oD One tries ones best xo

  3. Your work is beautiful Shevi, I think it is wonderful that you are deciding to study more and gain your degree in Fine Arts. I know that study will bring out even more of your already wonderful natural talents in this area.

  4. Thank you Lindy. I'm really looking forward to learning some new techniques and broadening my artistic horizons ;o)