July 25, 2009

The Evil run around ... with pics

I've had an eventful week this week.

I finished my socks and I love them! They look great and they're amazingly warm.

I started a pair of oversize novelty clown socks for my bozo on account of him having oversize novelty clown feet.

Ive been working pretty steadily on a somewhat experimental project inspired by THIS (Ravelry link) amazing lady. It's pretty much irish crochet but with a slightly modern twist. Pics of my attempts...

I sewed together the squares for my WIP tote and bought satin to line it. Its now nearly finished and just waiting for some handles. Pics...

I was rushed to hospital again on Thursday night with more excrutiating pains in my kidneys. The doctor's assumed it was renal cholic this time but they werent sure because my blood tests showed no signs of infection. So I had to go back on Friday for a CT scan, which was kinda cool because Ive never had one before. I havent received any results yet but the pain is more or less under control so I'm hopeful.

I have to say, once again, the staff at the Calvary Mater Hospital in Newcastle were AMAZING. So another big thanks to them. Hopefully I wont be going back again anytime soon though, because I'd hate for them all to know me on sight.

I had to go to the dentist on Friday morning. Ive been woken up at 3am-ish for a few nights during the week in horrible tooth pain. The dentist has made me an appointment for two weeks time with the intention of ripping the damn thing out of my head because he thinks the pulp is dead...or dying. Seriously, if this keeps up I'll have no teeth left soon. Damnnit.

Today is Saturday. I'm looking forward to a quiet, stress free day that I can spend doing mundane painless things like, catching up on my laundry, doing some work on my WIP's and maybe even sitting on my arse doing stuff all because I have several appointments next week AND the following week that are going to continue to give me the run around. Can't wait.

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