July 13, 2009

Rushed bag update

I finally finished all my squares for my wip tote project. Crochet is good and quick but sometimes tedious. I have them all organised and have already started sewing them together.

Couldn't find the fabric I was going to use to line it but that just gives me a great excuse to go buy some yummy black satin to line it with instead. Which I'm going to do today. Unfortunately I dont have a sewing machine so all my overlocking and seaming must be done by hand...good thing I have loads of practise from when I used to make hand made teddy bears. Heres a pic of one I made a few years ago. I made her from scratch (including the pattern) and of all the bears I made she is the last one I have left.

I also have a heap of other stuff to do today so I'm not going to get time to cut out my lining or finish sewing my squares together till later in the week. But thats ok. This afternoon I want to get some work done on this poncho...I need to get it finished because its a knitting order.

Anyhoo off to Spotlight to spend cash I go...weeeeee!

1 comment:

  1. TEDDY BEARS omigod if i could love you any more!!!!.. she is so superdelicious gorgeous... i am in total love