July 4, 2009

Time saving and time wasting go hand in hand

I've been a bit frustrated with my larger knitting projects. They take SOOO long to get through sometimes. I'm traditionally a thrower and I'm not the fastest knitter, so 'get through' is really the way I tend to look at them. Finishing them is such a relief.

But thank goodness there is light at the end of the tunnel. While wombling around the net yesterday I discovered there IS a way to increase my knitting speed. Continental knitting. Now I know this is probably old news to a lot of you folk, but its new to me and I'm fairly excited about it. I found a great youtube demo here.

I have committed to learning and perfecting this technique. Thankfully I learn really fast and since last night I'm already proficient at the knit stitch, I'm struggling a teensy bit with purl but my YO's and K2tog etc are fine. Not sure how I'll go using this technique to knit lace, but hopefully I'll be competent at it by the time I get back to my lace project.

Other news; I just joined Ravelry. Check out my profile and see pics of ongoing projects there. Keep in mind that links to projects, patterns and people on Ravelry will only work if you are a member.

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