May 24, 2010

Feeling Love

The past couple of weeks have been pretty full on for me and aside from my health it has taught me to appreciate my awesome friends.

In the past two or three weeks, a number of my friends have been especially awesome; my gorgeous neighbour has looked after me and even made me dinner and bought me flu remidies (nawwww), a lovely derby kitteh came and had coffee with me and kept me company while I was having a difficult time dealing with the emotional fall out of my experience (love you viscious kitteh), another gorgeous derby doll; the awesome Mz Lickit (xoxo), has kept in contact with me fairly regularly and has made it perfectly clear that if I need her; she's only a phone call away, my closest friend Mz Militia has been in regular contact to make sure I'm ok, even though she has a busy family and work life, all my classmates at TAFE have been super supportive and enthused about my return to the land of the living, my TAFE bestie has visited me a couple of times to keep me up to date on stuff that I've missed and generally just to provide company and a laugh, an awesome young friend of mine gave me the amazing gift of trust and shared with me something that to them was very personal and life altering, and the most awesome bunneh lady I've ever not met sent me a beautiful and thoughtful get well gift of luscious bunny fibres and gorgeous silk yarn.

beautiful bunny fibres
and silk yarn from the talented
Mz Charly over at Ixchelbunny

I gotta tell ya guys; you really are the best! Talk about feeling the lurve :oD

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