May 13, 2010

Second chances can be scary

I went to see my doctor this morning because I've had the flu since I got out of hospital last week and I feel pretty much like crap on a stick. I also needed to talk to him about my 'experience' in the hospital, keep him up to date and stuff.

Boy was I surprised when he told me that he'd 'heard' about my experience from someone who worked in the theatre before he received his copy of the hospitals discharge report and realised they'd been talking about HIS patient. That someone turned out to be his wife and as medical professionals with a common patient they had a good old natter about what happened. And it was scary. Not just for me, but for the hospital staff too.

From what he told me this morning the type of reaction I had was actually a rarity in this theatre. And though I'd been led to believe it was a close call by my anaethetist (why do they play these things down?), it was actually a little bit more than that. According to his wife I actually died (told ya it was scary) and while I was going through this, every anaethetist in the hospital was in that theatre fighting for my life. In my doctor's wifes words, 'its a miracle they were able to revive me'.

Hearing this from him this morning really bought home for me just how lucky I really am to be alive right now. It certainly made my experience so much more REAL for me. I think up till now I've just been coasting along, thinking; yeh, I'm tonka tough, you cant keep me down. But to find out that I actually died for a minute or so...that really does my head in. Needless to say I'm having a somewhat delayed emotional reaction and am really glad I have a friend coming over for a cuppa soon. I could really do with the company.

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