May 9, 2010

Fish scales and family

For the past three years I've had no contact with my family due to a rather unfortunate inability to coexist. I am a very family oriented person and not being able to turn to my family when I needed support or even just an encouraging word has been incredibly hard, not to mention lonely. With what I've experienced this past week I realised that life is just too short to not bury the hatchet and try to get along. So this morning I called my sister. We had a good long chat and as much as we have some issues in our past, I have to say it felt really good to finally have a family member to talk to again and I look forward to spending some time with her hopefully soon to get our relationship back on track.

On an even brighter note I finally finished my fish scale socks last night. They're UBER awesome! I loves them so much I just might have to make another pair. Lol. Here's a pic

Pomatomus Socks
by Cookie A
Yarn by Ixchelbunny

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  1. They're gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing them!!!