May 3, 2010

Passing the time

I'm off to hospital today to have a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy. Sounds like a mouthful doesnt it? I'm not overly concerned about it though, its just a routine procedure, so I should be fine. I have, however had to seriously concentrate on passing time over the last two days as I havent been allowed to eat or do much so I've not only been starving, but I've had a massive headache (from the hunger obviously) and a serious case of 'what the hell am I gonna do for two days?'.

The obvious answer to that is; 'spin?'. But unfortunately the headache made that kinda hard so I spent some time spinning but took regular breaks to do other things. Other things like knitting and dyeing fibre of course. I have recently scored 400g of undyed superwash merino from my most awesome friend Misha and I have been going through my fibre stash wondering what I'm going to combine (spinners block...ugh) and as most of my fibre is multi coloured I decided I needed some semi solids to play/ply with. And here are my results...

Some gorgeous bright golden yellow (100g)

Some striking bright red with teensy areas of white (100g)

Some vibrant deep orange with muted areas of lighter orange and red (100g)

Now that I have lots of pretty fibre to play/ply with I'm super keen to get spinning (read; spinners block gone! YAY) ...I just have to wait till I get out of hospital till I can get started on it....sigh.

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