June 21, 2009

Busy fingers

Estonian Garden blockedImage by thraceknits via Flickr
I purchased a new Estonian lace pattern today and am so excited about knitting it up when I get some really nice laceweight yarn. I have to say though, the pattern is complex, so I'm going to have some busy fingers when I do get around to knitting it.

I found some nice photos of it already knitted up by someone else as you can see from the link above. It looks great, but I think I'm going to go for a pale colour when I make it.

While looking around for places online to purchase lace weight yarn I stumbled across a couple of really great Aussie suppliers for knitters. Check out Ozeyarn for some fantastic knitting books and yarns. Ecoyarns do some absolutely amazing environmentally friendly yarns out of the most unexpected materials (i.e. rocks?) that are just gorgeous to look at...although a tad expensive for this little black duck at the moment.

Other sites of interest found this week include; Knitting Daily and, interestingly enough, The Daily Knitter, which seems to be an online community of sorts.

Finished the poncho I was working on (see pic) and am going to list it online for sale next week. Also picked up a knitting order for another poncho from a lady I know, which was unexpected but not declined.

Coming soon, progress update on the lace shawl but not before my birthday ;oP.

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