June 29, 2009

A nattering knitfest

Inaugural Stitch 'n BitchImage by DrStarbuck via Flickr

I recently joined a knitters community called Knit Happens that has a forum called the Virtual Stitch 'n' Bitch which really tickled my fancy.

Surprisingly there seems to be quite a few Aussie knitters who are members and a lot of them talk about knitters groups. I'm a fairly solitary knitter, mostly because I've no one to knit with, but the idea of a knitters group REALLY appeals to me. So I posted an invite for people to start up a knitters group in Newcastle. Having done that, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to repeat that invitation here. So here it is:

I want to join or form a knitters group in the Newcastle area. If you can knit, want to learn to knit, want to teach someone else to knit and you also like the idea of home baked yum yums and talking dirty, PLEASE comment on this post or send me your email address so we can get the yarn ball rolling.

Read my invitation over on Knit Happens might decide to join the community too, which I'm sure they'd appreciate. Most of all though, comment or contact if you are GENUINELY interested in a knitters group.

Yay for yarn and stuff!

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