June 18, 2009

There is no such thing as too much yarn!

My partner, the poor thing (pfft) often bemoans the fact that, apparently, I have too much yarn. Now if you are a fellow knitter and yarn whore like myself, or even someone who like a magpie is attracted to bright shiny things that you must then possess (also like myself), or just someone who really appreciates a hand knitted scarf or shrug, then you will know exactly what I mean when I say; there is NO such thing as too much yarn.

Admittedly, although I'm positive there are ladies out there with far more yarn than I have, I do have a sizable stash of it. Having said this, I DO have plans for ALL of my yarn. I actually bought most of it for specific projects and only a very small percentage of it was purchased because it was pretty and shiny and caught my eye and I had to have it.

And ok, I DO have a rather bad habit of buying waaaay too much yarn for my projects and then have a whole stack of it left over. But leftover yarn needs love too, right? If not for left over yarn how many of us would own hideously gorgeous granny square lapghans?

Here is a pic of my stash, spread out over my queen size bed.

Here are some photos of projects that I have completed in the last twelve months.

Some hideously colourful granny squares (made from left overs mind you) that came together really well with black into a lovely warm lapghan that I unfortunately gave to a friend who turned out to be not a friend at all. At least I got a photo of it.

A two strand acrylic poncho with an incredibly warm cowl style polo neck that I have sold.

A pretty lacy crocheted triangle shawl that I made from some of the softest 100% acrylic yarn that I have ever found. This is currently listed here.

A gorgeous frilly scarf that I crocheted out of a lovely mohair/acrylic mix. I sold this about a week ago, but I thankfully have some of the yarn left over.

I have other projects that I have completed and listed to sell online, I also have a couple of projects that I have started but not quite finished yet. I will attempt to post photos of them here when I get a chance to complete them.

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