June 29, 2009

Cat - an essential accessory for any knitter

I've been perusing knitting blogs for about a month now and I realised that aside from knitting they all seem to have one other thing in common. They all seem to have purty pictures of their lovely moggies on them and I realised that I have been very remiss in this area. I vowed to take yet another photo of my kitteh (because the gazillion I already have just aren't enough) and place it here for all and sundry to meet and greet. Introducing....Stinky Da Moo!

Stinky Moo is a Russian Blue/Australian Domestic Shorthair mix. I got him freecycle when he was only six weeks old. Having the typical temperament of a Russian Blue, it took me three whole weeks to win him over, although I think a good portion of that may have been attributed to the fact that he was a stray kitten when I adopted him. He has the colouring and markings of an 'imperfect' (he has a white bib and belly and an adorable french manicure and white back feet) Russian blue
along with the right shaping and the totally irresistable double coat that just begs you to sink your fingers into his fur...which of course he doesnt seem to mind too much at all.

In terms of his personality, he is everything a Russian Blue is supposed to be; playful, active sweet, inquisitive, gentle, quiet, incredibly loving and affectionate, pretty and VERY timid of strangers...he tends to hiss and run away when they're about. He is also everything a Russian Blue is NOT supposed to be; as dumb as a bag full of hair, incredibly uncoordinated, a baby hefalump (i.e. not at all light on his feet) and very much my baby. I love him dearly. He is the best cat in the world and I spoil him rotten.

Love him because you must.

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