June 28, 2009

Beady things

I started on a new poncho today. It's knitted in the round, and calls for place markers. Usually, when I have to use place markers I just place a piece of different coloured yarn in the appropriate spot and pass it up through my knitting as I go. But I was thinking; now that I'm endeavouring to be a more proficient knitter, perhaps I should try to be more professional in my pracitces as well.

I had some beads and wire hanging around from previous crafty projects and I figured they would be perfect, so I made myself some bead place markers. They turned out so well, I have decided to make a whole pile of them and sell them along with my knitted garments. Pics....

These are the ones I made for my own use. They are a mix of plastic and glass beads with some crystal thrown in for good measure. Below you can see how they look on the needle I'm knitting with.

I made a few for selling and realised I didnt have much in the way of diversity when it came to colour and size in my bead tray. So one fairly expensive and quick trip to Spotlight's bead aisle later and I now have a heap of pretty glass beads to use.

I will be listing these (and more) for sale in a few days. If you're interested in getting some, keep posted for a link.

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  1. Now listed and for sale on my Oztion page. Check out the link under 'My stuff for sale!'