June 13, 2009

A whole new affair

I have been seriously into handi crafts and art for most of my life and up until now I would have considered myself an intermediate knitter/crocheter.

Recently I started selling some of my knitted garments online and while trying to come up with patterns/ideas for things I can sell I came upon the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen made out of wool. Estonian Lace.

Sooooo, I have decided it's waaaaay past time that I progressed from intermediate knitter to advanced knitter at the advanced age of 39 and have been furiously downloading free lace knitting patterns from all over the net, all the while cringing in anticipation of the headaches these gorgeous but incredibly complicated patterns are going to cause....I am determined none-the-less.

My first estonian lace knit project is The Estonian Lace Scarf by Helene Wallin (2006). I am making my version of the scarf from a lovely russet red coloured yarn that is a mohair/acryilic (30%/70%) mix that I picked up on sale from Spotlight last year. I will post some photos here as it progresses and hopefully it wont take forever to knit, but I cant make any promises as I'm something of a slow knitter when it comes to intricate patterns.

In the mean time check out Estonian Lace Study, a blog devoted to estonian lace knitting.

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